Personal Training


Personal Training: 

The first time you work out with me, we’ll chat while you warm up on the treadmill. I will need to find out a lot of information about you, your habits, your health and your goals.

I will help me to design a program suited to your needs and desires. I will introduce you to weight training and go over most muscle groups in the first couple of sessions so I have a sense of where you are in regards to fitness, to find out how much is just enough, or too much for you.

Most workouts are circuit workouts, meaning that you will go from cardio to resistance work, back to cardio, etc. Much will depend on what your goals are. I’m a pusher, though, so expect to be pushed a bit harder than what you would do on your own. But you will love it!

If some of your goals include weight loss, I will incorporate my knowledge as a weight loss coach and nutritionist into our sessions and you might need to keep a food journal.

Cardiovascular fitness is necessary in order to live well. The stronger your heart is, the better you can cope with stress. All of our workouts include at least one aerobic segment. It could be using a cardio machine or doing some speed drills like suicides or jumping jacks. The choice of workout will depend greatly on your fitness level and your goals.

Resistance or strength training will give you toned muscles, a shapely body, and will help greatly with weight maintenance and weight loss. The stronger the muscles, the more calories you burn even as you sleep! Also, well defined muscles are attractive, whereas fat just hangs there… Your individualized program might include work with your own body weight, or dumb bells, stability ball, resistance bands, or a combination of the many different toys that I have; you won’t get bored, that’s for sure!

Flexibility is often overlooked as it is thought of as “extra,” or a waste of time by most of us. Yet correct stretching protects the body from many injuries and provides the necessary flexibility for everyday life–and is a wonderful way to relax as well.

Balance, last but not least, is crucial for functional fitness, and all of our sessions will include some balance work, but you might not even notice you are working on it!

Fees as of 1/1/11:

Business Policies

Training session length: A workout hour is an actual hour, unless you are just too exhausted, in which case we will finish with some nice relaxing stretches, but you will love very minute of it!

Promptness: To make the most out of your time and efforts, please be ready to exercise at the appointed time. Because clients are scheduled before and after you, workout times cannot be extended.

Cancellations and missed sessions: You will not be charged for sessions that you cancel with 4 hours notice. If I happen to miss a session with you for any unforseen reason and do not give you 4 hours notice, I will reschedule it immediately at your convenience and it will be a freebie.

Payment: All trainings are 100 percent guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, your entire session will be refunded. I bill every month in the beginning of the month.

Trainer and Client Personal Hygiene: Personal training is very up-close! We must respect each other with proper dental hygiene and clean exercise clothing and shoes.

Gift Certificates are always available.