Own Your Body


I am committed to helping you enjoy the person in the mirror, bringing your wellness full circle. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, I will empower your body in all aspects of fitness: flexibility, balance, strength, cardiovascular endurance and informed nutrition.

In 2005, I was given a life-changing gift from my daughter, which is the reason I am now helping people own their lives in so many ways. You can read my story here: THE LADY IN THE MIRROR. 

I am a AFPA Certified Personal Trainer (2005), GCNM Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner (2010), AFPA Certified Diet, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach (2008), BC/BS Certified Silver Sneaker Instructor (2006), GCNM Certified Nutritionist, (2009) and the author of The NEWAY™ Cookbook (2009).

 I can’t help but motivate people; I am wired that way! Check out what people are saying here.