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Next Session starts September 18th, 2017 and runs for seven weeks 

I started at Barb’s Fit u to simply get back into shape. I needed a challenge and a new workout plan  to keep my interest. Boy did it ever! Not only did I actually look forward to each class but I couldn’t get enough and for me, working out was never something I liked doing. I would love to say that the workouts themselves were what kept me going but I think that was just the bonus of Barb’s Fit U. The camaraderie of the class members, the words of inspiration, the diet tips, the “you can do it” attitude, that is what did it for me. After working out for more than a year, I was in shape, felt good about myself and was able to get my husband to even join me. Barb’s Fit U helped make me and my husband more healthy and when I had surgery the doctor told me I would be out of work for at least 4 weeks, I was back in half that time and I attribute that all to Barb’s Fit U. Barb’s Fit U is not just a place to go and sweat; it is a lifestyle, a network of friends and the place I trust most when it comes to my workout needs. ” Stephanie Rosenberger

  • Early Morning Mix: Men and Women A no-nonsense early morning class that includes balance, strength and cardio. We will do boot camp type drills, weight training circuits, body weight exercises, stability ball training and a whole lot more. We have a fun new challenge each session that we work towards each time we meet. You will certainly be surprised and challenged, and I bet you’ll laugh quite a lot as well… Great way to start your day! Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 6 am

“I was stalled and impatient with my exercise program. I thought I understood how to eat to lose weight… until I came to Barb’s Fit U. That’s when I realized that while I knew how to diet, I didn’t know how to eat to live and be healthy and well.  I credit her approach to helping her clients choose the right foods to breaking my addiction to unhealthy foods. With that foundation of knowledge on how to eat correctly, I then became a member of the exercise family with the Boot Camp, Early Morning Mix and Core and Balance programs. Her classes are always different, interesting, challenging but not impossible, and she keeps you motivated and smiling. I can’t say enough good about Barb’s Fit U!” Michelle Fryling

  • From the Inside Out: Women and Girls only

Classes are always different: Balletone, stations, kickboxing, no equipment circuits, boot camps, towel madness, pain with a purpose, jello legs… Regardless of its style, each class will focus on the four pillars of fitness: Strength, Balance, Cardio & Flexibility. Mondays and Thursdays  5:45 pm

 “Thank you SO SO much for everything you’ve done for me with this class and with just being there for me since the minute I’ve met you! You have literally changed my life. I have never been comfortable with my body, ever. And exercising made me want to curl up in a ball and cry for days because I’ve just lived under the everyday idea that I’m just this fat ugly girl who can’t exercise, who will never be thin, and who will never be “pretty” as the world defines. But you have provided me with such an amazing comforting environment to work my body and to become healthier! Not pretty, healthy.  I feel so comfortable walking in there and exercising with you in your class – even when there are things that I can’t do, whether it be because of my weight or my weak ankles. You will never have an understanding of how much you have given me these mere few weeks with this class. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you times infinity!” Jessa Hahn

  • Just Move: Women only

This class is designed for women who might be a little apprehensive about exercise, or are recovering from injury or surgery. We start exercising seated on a chair or a stability ball and move on to standing segments, and we talk about all kinds of life issues while we “gently” (some would disagree with the “gently”!) sweat and laugh together.  At the end, we hold our heads up high and say proudly “This is me and I love it!” This class is a life-changing experience! Mondays and Thursdays at 4:50 pm

 “I would like you to know what a positive impact you have made in my life. I not only feel better, but I know I look better. I listen to your every word, and find myself repeating your “tip of the day” to other family members. You listen to us complain and yammer, but don’t back down at all. You know what is good for us and especially our future. I plan to march right behind you no matter what parade you take. I appreciate you and like being called your friend.” K.MG

Contact us online or call 724.388.8303 for details.

“I just want you to know how much I enjoy our exercise class!  You have certainly influenced my life and what I eat.  I feel so good and I owe it all to you! Thank you…” Peg Gulas

Barb is ready to challenge all those negative views about exercise.  You will wind up having fun while getting healthy. Join us in the fight to better health today by signing up for one of her classes. You can contact us online or call 724.388.8303 for more details.

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1. EMM is mixed, guys and girls. All other classes are just for ladies
2. I will cancel any class that does not have 5 participants
3. COST :
Seven Weeks: 
Once a week:$67
Twice a week: $127
Three times a week: $185