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Human beings are a three-part beings: Spirit, Soul and Body.

In order to OWN YOUR LIFE, you must be intentional about all three: your body, your mind and your spirit. It is my intention to provide you with a growing list of tools that will help you do just that with e-books, video series and even self-coaching programs. Please check back often as our list of resources will be updated regularly.



  • OWN YOUR ESSENTIAL LIFE Blog a great resource for recipes, DIY for natural products and essential oils, tips for working with your body, and a whole lot more! Check it out here
  • MY LIFE AS AN ADVENTURE Blog is the raw, real me in words as I travel through life with God and those I live in community with. Check it out here



  • Losing Weight the Right Way
  • Finding Your life Purpose
  • Finding your Why
  •  Moving Through Fear
  •  Reclaiming Your Finances
  •  Igniting your Passion
  • Reorganizing your life after loss


Empowering you to own your life through online coaching!

All online!

  • I send you a questionnaire and agreement that you fill out and sign
  • I email you pertinent questions according to your desired outcome, you email me your responses and we work together on action steps for which you agree to be accountable, then we move on to another section.
  • Twice weekly contact
  • $50 a week
  • Contact me at

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