Sometimes, you just need someone to come alongside to motivate you to get up out of the couch, or help you take the next step.

And that next step, it can be as daunting as figuring out your life purpose, or setting up a schedule to compete in a sporting event, reorganizing your life after the kids leave for good, going shopping for a funeral, lose weight, learn to write, give a difficult phone call, change career…

Sometimes, you don’t even know what that next step is, or whether you can actually handle it. And it would be so nice to have someone to help you to figure it out, or implement it, or even help you come up with a plan.

Partnering with you on this adventure and empowering you to step up to the plate, that’s what my own life purpose is. And I do it well.

Together, we will put the pieces of the puzzle together, give you the confidence you need, see you soar and regain your smile.

Together, you and I.

Every next step matters because you matter, and living your life like you mean it is what it’s all about.

-Barbara Isaac



Personal Life Coaching is for you if:

  • you are in transition, needing to ignite your life with passion and wanting someone alongside as you dare to dream big;
  • you are in need of becoming intentional about your life;
  • you feel stuck and need a little help figuring it out
  • you are ready to change

As your coach, I will:

  • Help you discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve
  • Encourage self-discovery
  • Elicit in you self-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold you responsible and accountable

One piece of your life puzzle at a time, Barbara will cheer you on with plans, accountability and motivation until you succeed.  With the understanding that you are a three-part being (spirit, soul and body), Barbara will work with contagious joy, passion and energy to help you find balance, focus, figure out what you really want, what is stopping you, and then make plans for it. It’s time to be intentional and find your smile again…

“I am truly thankful that Barb came into my life. Through her I have leaned to see all the good things in my worlds. I have found the strength to keep setting and working toward my goals.  And Barb continues to be my biggest supporter. 

Losing weight was my only concern for most of my life. Then I met Barb. With her, I discovered what it meant to be fit, happy, strong and confident. And by the way, I finally lost weight and kept it off too.

Barb changed my life. She truly cared and showed me the tolls that I needed to be successful. It hasn’t been easy and I finally understand that it isn’t supposed to be. The challenge makes it worth the effort.

It is about figuring out the difference between wants and needs, finding wellness, discovering happiness and understanding the power of being grateful. I truly cannot speak highly enough about what Barb has meant to my life. The first step is the hardest. Before Barb, I had taken that step so many times, only to trip, fall and give up. But Barb held my hand this time and walked with me every step of the way. I still tripped, but she was always there to pick me back up. Barb has helped me to learn to believe in myself and that has made all the difference in the world.”   MARY WOOD

Barbara understands that we all have a dream inside of us that we want/need to achieve. From fitness goals to professional goals to personal goals, she has successfully motivated many to lose weight and lead a healthier life, run marathons, improve failing marriages, find a career, overcome unhealthy mindsets and negative outlooks on life.