Barbara’s Story

Married, three kids, clean water, friends, a job, a smile on my face, a good church–I looked like I had a great life, but I was anything but happy on the inside.

I wanted to accept myself the way I was and yet I felt like I needed to lose weight. I was supposed to be dead to sin and couldn’t resist a bag of chips, or letting go of bitterness. I was supposed to be a conqueror but felt like a victim. Whatever I did, wherever I was, I “knew” I just wasn’t enough, even though I was supposed to get all my confidence from God. Guilt. Shame. Jealous. Confused. I certainly was not winning the war of taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

With God’s help, I got myself out of that whirlwind, and I am still doing it. Every. Single. Day.

I developed a simple system that empowers me to overcome in life.

Now, I am called to offer YOU hope if you struggle with the same issues.


Using the knowledge of brain and thought science as well as the Word of God, this system takes us through the process of changing our thoughts and bringing them captive to the obedience of Christ. When we do, we actually rewire our brain and build a bright future for ourselves.

Whether the torment has to do with  relationships, weight, purpose, career, children, finances, time management or any other issue, it is our toxic thought patterns that hinder us most.

This is a unique approach that guarantees results. We rely on the help of Holy Spirit as we learn to free ourselves and renew our minds for good.




I’d like you to sign up for a free mini session  on the phone with me so that you can get a glimpse of what this awesome freedom is all about. These fifteen minutes might be all you need! That’s literally how I got started on my new personal mind freedom, and I am literally compelled to give back by giving people a taste of what is possible…You will be so glad you did.

Here is what Monica had to say:

“I did not know Barbara when I had my first conversation with her. I realized later that it was, in fact, a divine appointment. I had been struggling with a certain stronghold ever since I was a small child. With the gifts that God has given her, we began to navigate this issue and God used her to help me break free. I am truly thankful!”      

Here is what Valerie had to say:

“My mini-session with Barb was like having a skilled guide to take me through a confusing maze. Barb asked me pertinent questions to identify my varied and jumbled thoughts, and I answered with the first answers that came to my mind. That was my “You are here” beginning. Moving forward with more questions, I found myself feeling settled on certain thoughts–those that would be keepers. Other thoughts felt toxic; those I could discard. Drawing closer to my speedy destination, Barb bundled together my healthy thoughts I could tuck away and bring out to chew on so that they could be etched in my brain to lead me in this next leg of my journey. If you need similar help to clarify and move forward in your thoughts and feelings, I highly recommend Barb for your Life Coach.”        

No strings attached whatswhoever, I promise. But if you want more, there are many more ways I can help you, and we can discuss them together.

Here again is the link to schedule your free mini-session with me! I am looking forward to meeting you.