What Should You Think When the World Is Going Haywire?

Is the craziness in our world affecting you? And what can you do about it?

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news lately, but it’s pretty bad out there. And like it or not, we humans are interconnected forever, even when we don’t choose to be. We all have the very same Creator, the very roots, down to our very first mother and father. Throughout the miles in the world and the centuries, we are family somehow.

So when horrible tragedies happen, it affects us. We can close our eyes and our ears and stick our heads in the sand, but it still affects us.

The best way to handle tragedies is to deal with them.

But the crazy thing is, a tragedy isn’t a tragedy until we label it so.


Yes, you heard me right.

A shooting is just a fact.

The reason it troubles us is because of the thoughts we have about it.

“Being troubled” about a shooting is absolutely normal and I would even say it’s a good response. But let’s not be confused and assume that the trouble comes from the shooting; the trouble comes from our thoughts about the shooting.

And I can prove it to you:

If being troubled was the only human response to the shooting, why isn’t everyone troubled? Why is the group that ordered the shooting celebrating? Same answer here: because of their thought about it. To them, it is a success. To us, it is a tragedy.

It all comes down to their thoughts and our thoughts.

I know I am ruffling many feathers here, but it is the truth. This is exactly how God wired us: we respond to a situation with thoughts that bring about feelings.

So, in the midst of any circumstance, down to what we call a tragedy, we have a choice. We can choose what to think and how to feel. We can absolutely feel outraged and sad and frustrated and angry; but this is our choice.

Here is my little bit of help to you:

When faced with a circumstance that triggers violent feelings inside of you, take a minute to stop and recognize those feelings. Don’t judge them as good or bad, just look at them and ask: What are they? Where do they come from? What thought am I holding that brings about those feelings?

As you become a watcher of your thoughts, you creates a pause in which you can look at what’s going on in your mind and ask these three insightful questions.


1. Is this thought serving me?

Keep in mind that a negative thought can totally serve you in the moment. When someone I love dies, I want to think that it is terribly sad, I want to grieve. Make sure you like your reason for holding on to a thought.

2. Do I really want this thought?

Is this a thought that I want to hold inside of my brain?

3. Is this current or outdated?

Is this a thought that I am thinking out of habit or do I really adopt it as mine today in this current situation? If it is not current, why do you sense resistance in letting it go?

Answer these honestly, and decide where you want to go from here. You might want to embrace it fully. Or you might want to decide you want to say good-bye to that thought and create another one. This will create space for new thinking, and you will not live at the effect of decisions you made in the past.

It’s your choice.

It’s your life.


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