How to Replace Clutter

The most useful system I have found for replacing any kind of clutter with order is not a system at all, but rather an attitude (we will talk in depth about attitudes in our third principle). I call it an attitude of mindfulness.

As long as we do what we do wishing we were someplace else, and as long as we rush through the tasks so we can check them off, our work will not be as fruitful as it ought to.

Here is the secret of mindfulness:

  • When you pay your bills, pay your bills with your entire being. You very well might find extra dollars by paying attention (or not having to pay late fees).
  • When you listen to your kids, listen to your kids with your entire being. You more than likely will discover that it’s not more time with them that you need, but just more enjoyment of the time you do have.
  • When you grocery shop, grocery shop with your whole being. You might find that your bill is lower because you compared brands and did not buy what you already had at home.
  • When you scrub the floor, scrub the floor with your whole being. You might discover that by doing it thoroughly, it only needs done every so often, thereby giving you extra time to pursue other endeavors.

Mindfulness is being present in the moment with every fiber of your being.

Mindfulness is giving value to every dollar and every minute that passes through your hands.

Mindfulness is the way to much freedom.

It will support the rest of your story. Now it’s time to just do it.

Do you have to be perfect? Absolutely not. Committed? Yes.

Start now.


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